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July 2016

Welcome to the new EIP website!

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Exercise In Practice welcomes you to our website, and we thank you for dropping by!


As Accredited Exercise Physiologists, we have a passion for helping people optimise their health and well-being through suitable exercise.  Regardless of a person’s health condition, age, gender, likes and dislikes, we believe every single person can improve their health, function and quality of life through performing the right level and type of exercise for them.


The human body is an amazing thing, and it’s constantly trying to keep itself in the best possible state it can. It is widely known and demonstrated that exercise plays a huge role in this. Our main aim is to help enhance the body’s ability to achieve it’s optimal level through ensuring people perform regular physical activity that is safe and effective.


Through empathy, integrity and purpose, our focus to help people realise that their bodies’ are capable of more, so that they can live the most fulfilling life possible, regardless of the challenges they may face.