In April 2019, we became the first Sydney-based licencee of the Onero™ program, which is an evidence-based program, endorsed by Osteoporosis Australia ( It is based on the LIFTMOR trials conducted through Griffith University in Queensland, which have demonstrated significant results in improving bone mineral density in those with osteopaenia/osteoporosis. 

Why Onero™?

Not all exercise is effective. Research has demonstrated that only certain types of exercise improve bone health. Onero™ is an osteoporosis treatment based on exercise designed specifically to prevent osteoporotic fracture by stimulating bone development and preventing falls in at-risk individuals.

Onero™ at Exercise In Practice

Our Onero™ Program is conducted in a group class format of up to 8 people, and each class is supervised by one of our Accredited Exercise Physiologists, who has undergone specialised training to become a certified Onero™ coach.  Classes run for up to 45 minutes, and the exercises are prescribed to reflect individual variabilities in bone density levels, exercise history, strength and comorbidities. For optimal benefit, it is recommended participants attend classes twice a week.

Prior to commencing the program classes, each participant undergoes an initial assessment. This includes a review of pre-exercise screening questionnaire, understanding of bone density levels, health history and comorbidities, and physical measures such as balance and strength. This information assists in ensuring each person commences the Onero™ program at a suitable level and suitably upgraded as able.

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