Our inspirational clients and their stories

“Exercise In Practice was recommended to me by a local GP, following a diagnosis of osteoporosis in my spine and osteoarthritis in my neck. In the 12 weeks that I’ve been working with Brendan, I’ve not only had a marked reduction in the daily pain I’d become accustomed to, but a corresponding lift in my fitness and, perhaps most importantly, my mental approach and outlook. Brendan has achieved this very quietly and incrementally, with unquestionable professionalism and a deep grasp of his area of expertise. It is this approach, unquestionably, that has been the key to the huge improvements I’m experiencing in my physical and mental well-being as I continue to work with him. Brendan’s patience with my questions; the level of detail with which he’s willing to engage; his timely follow up to queries, and, above all, his professional integrity, all speak to his qualities as an Exercise Physiologist, and make him a rare find indeed.”


“I have experienced chronic thoracic and lumbar pain for decades and previous treatments (massage, acupuncture) have not provided any sustained relief. Sometimes doing simple household chores such as washing dishes or vacuuming aggravated the pain. Since working with Brendan in focusing on regaining spinal mobility, developing core strength and improving posture, my back has improved significantly and I suffer a lot less stiffness and muscle soreness. I can walk for longer periods without a sore back. I now have a strategy in place to manage the occasional soreness. Thanks Brendan for your ongoing support and patience in working through all the challenges I throw at you. And equally important is your ability to correctly identify the issues that contribute to my back pain and devise a program that is effective and manageable to do.”


“Before the program I was overweight with high blood pressure and cholesterol. With Brendan Cummins’ help, support, dedication and encouragement I have lost weight (10kg), become fitter and my BP and cholesterol have dropped considerably. Brendan monitors results carefully, conscientiously and gives sound advice which is easy. There is no harsh pressure. I love doing the exercises he recommended. Thank you Brendan for continued interest and support.”