Health and fitness assessment to determine risk

In addition to helping those with health conditions, we also offer health evaluations, designed to identify factors that may contribute to an increased risk of lifestyle diseases, and provide applicable advice and lifestyle counselling to aid in minimising the chances of one developing.

Examples of our tailored assessments include:

Executive Health Assessment

Comprehensive 2-hour appointment that includes consultation, assessment and evaluation by an AEP and medical practitioner. It comprises an Exercise Stress Test with ECG, full blood pathology evaluation, body composition measurement, lung function analysis, injury risk assessment, lifestyle appraisal and cancer screen.

Health and Fitness Evaluation

Customised assessment that can cover a variety of health aspects including cardiovascular health and fitness assessment, body composition and ideal body weight calculation, postural analysis, strength and flexibility testing, and exercise review.

Exercise Stress Test (with ECG analysis)

Conducted under the supervision of a medical practitioner and AEP, this is a specific test to screen for potential heart disease, and the risk of heart attack. It is highly recommended for people aged 50+ years about to embark on a significant increase in exercise, those with a number of cardiac risk factors (eg. high cholesterol, overweight, high blood pressure, low exercise levels), and those with significant family history.

Each of our assessments includes a detailed report with the key findings and recommendations to help optimise health outcomes.